Fforest Fields
Radnorshire, cymru

Aberedw Hill: A Haven for Outdoor Enthusiasts 

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While staying at Fforest Fields, we recommend you get up on top of Aberedw Hill, a veritable haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Be it a trek along an undulating path to the trig point or a quiet picnic beside the dew ponds surrounded by the wild open landscape, Aberedw Hill has it all. The hill is an important geological structure, rich in diverse ecology and supporting several SSSI nearby sites such as Rhulen. For us it’s not just a hill; it’s a popular and well-loved local landmark, reference point and outdoor enthusiasts playground used by walkers, MTB, riders and wildlife spotters.

A Journey Along the Scenic Trails of Aberedw Hill 

Picture this: A morning stroll along a misty trail, silhouettes of grazing sheep scattered across the vastness of the hill, all seen under the soft, early light. This is the beginning of your journey through the scenic trails over Aberedw Hill. We suggest taking the footpath that meanders up to the enclosure above the farm, through Terrible Hollow, and up onto the hilltop. From there you can choose where to go, along the ridge or across the centre, you have the right to roam. Please treat it with the respect it and its wildlife and livestock deserve.

Exploring the Wildlife and Biodiversity of Aberedw Hill 

The Aberedw Hill is a microcosm of biodiversity. Our explorations have frequently been graced by the sight of red kites soaring overhead, sky-lark, evidence of pine martin, hares, and foxes slinking about in the bracken. In The melodies of diverse bird songs will be your constant companion, offering a natural soundtrack to your adventure.  Find out more about our work with Ecology.

Unearthing the Ancient Stories & Legends Surrounding Aberedw Hill 

As much as Aberedw Hill feels untouched, there is evidence on top of lives lived here for thousands of years. As you look out on the surrounding countryside, allow yourself to be transported back to a time of mighty castles, legendary princes, and stories of folklore, religion and magic.

In the beautiful, rugged expanse of Radnorshire, we find ourselves stepping back in time, treading the hooves-stamped trails once navigated by the esteemed Welsh Drovers. From the high hills to the lush valleys, Radnorshire’s landscape tells tales of these often unsung heroes of Welsh history moving mostly cattle over the hills to urban centres, Builth, Hereford, and even to London.

There are Bronze age Barrows on top of the Aberedw, overlooking Builth and views over to Iron Age fort at Castle Bank, Celtic defences above the Wye on Carneddau (Builth) and the looming plateau to the East of Radnor Forest where folk would have travelled to trade and meet in the Walton Basin.

The Romans were here too, with a sizable Auxillery Fort in the valley, connected to Radnor and the East and on the fringes of the Celtic World.

It’s at Aberedw too where Llwelyn ap Gruffudd is said to have sheltered in a cave in his final days, before losing his life in the chaos of the Battle of Orewin Bridge in 1282. Llwelyn was the leader of the Welsh in the Second War of Welsh Independence and although his brother continue the cause he was soon betrayed, defeated and exhecuted.

Immersing in the Tranquility of Aberedw Hill 

We can’t talk about Aberedw Hill without mentioning the sheer tranquillity it offers. It seems as if the hill requires you to abandon the chaos of modern living and surrender to its soothing calm. The wild open space, the hush of wind, and the buzz of honey bees and evidence of its rich diversity, let you breathe a sigh of relief, igniting something deep in your human soul. For those looking to blow cobwebs away or simply feel free for a few hours, Aberedw is a great place to be.

Aberedw Hill: A Photographer’s Paradise 

For those with a keen eye for photography, Aberedw Hill is a treat. With its bold sunsets and vibrant sunrises, fog-kissed landscapes, and a night sky blazing with stars, Aberedw Hill is a shutterbug’s dream come true. Every view is a picturesque postcard waiting to be captured! Enjoy!

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