Fforest Fields
Radnorshire, cymru

The campsite, yurts and cottage all sit on our 500-acre working farm in the uplands of Radnorshire.  You can explore the land and moorland of Aberedw Hill to your heart's content, discovering dozens of walking trails, hidden places and wide reaching views directly from your patch.

You have the right to roam here, we hope you enjoy it!


Our Story

We are focused on retaining the essence of our 'little gem' of a campsite as it was described in the early 90s after we had just opened. We have grown, invested in, loved and nurtured this place.  We think there is something very special about Radnorshire. We have an unwavering passion for this extraordinary, living rural place we call home.

From 500-acres of project land, to a functioning and productive farm to the rich tapestry of habitats, woodland, open fields, grazing and access you see today!  We've had quite a journey and we are thrilled you would like to come and stay sometime!

Developing this land and sharing it with you is more than a lifetime's passion for our family who have been here since 1950.

Rural Life

Rural life in Radnorshire is deeply rooted in its natural surroundings, Welsh heritage, and a resilient and self-reliant spirit. While facing modern challenges, the county continues to embrace its rich history and the stunning landscapes that make it a unique part of Wales.

Come prepared for this landscape.  Forecasters, in their wisdom, often generalise and when you live with mountain ranges in the distance and endless hills and valleys all around.  It's often best to look up here to work out what the next few hours are going to look like.

Locals would have you believe that Radnorshire has a sunny disposition! 

Our local towns are Builth Wells and Llandrindod, where you can find decent butchers, local produce and super markets.  

The area is covered in fantastic walking opportunities, across moorland and through valleys and woodland.  Mountain Bikers LOVE it here, for the trails and the freedom. In fact this hidden gem is perfect for any outdoor enthusiast.  It is brimming with history, and mid Wales has a great culture and music scene but sometimes you have to travel...

Take a look at our Local Guide.

What's this all about?

Our ultimate goal

We want our visitors to leave feeling refreshed, full of great memories, good food and new stories. That's what we hope for everyone who potters though our gates. We are delighted that so many people feel peaceful and happy here.  We have made many good friends here over time.

We want to become that place you go when you want to get away from it all, relax, explore, change your view, spend time with people you love and ultimately where you can feel more yourself.