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The Joy of Local Meats, Veggies & Fruit

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Radnorshire and surrounding regions offer great opportunity to find fresh and delicious meats and vegetables. This area has lovely landscapes, good seasons, and farmers who care about their land and what they produce. All these factors come together to create the perfect setting for getting top-quality local foods.

Nature’s Gift

Radnorshire is a rural community, with green fields and soil suited to raising livestock. The area has clean waterways, fresh air, and enough rain to make things grow well. This all helps local farmers produce high-quality meats and vegetables.

Farming Tradition

Farming is not just a job in Radnorshire; it’s a way of life. Families here have been farming for many years, and they know how to do it well. Those who come here, do so for the lifestyle and opportunities. There are many market gardens, small holdings and more and more people looking for a degree of self-sufficiency. This area is not an easy place to farm, and the dedication and energy it takes to make a living and thrive in this place is often understated. The dedication to farming well that is prevalent here means you can trust much of the food from Radnorshire and surrounding counties is top-notch. We are seeing more Farm to Fork style enterprise from local farms in Radnorshire here are a few you can buy from locally.

Farm Gate to Kitchen Plate, Penybont
Dan’s Sausages, Hundred House
Edw Valley Meats, Aberedw
Ruby Red, Painscastle

The Radnorshire Biome

The people of Radnorshire care about the environment. They use smart and handed down farming practices that keep the land and stock healthy. Having a diverse ecosystem here is imperative to the survival of our community and nature flourishes because of it. We have Pine Marten, Otters and other canny wee beasts who create a strong ecosystem from invertebrates up. Wildlife abounds here, and we cross lives with it often. We are duty bound to share this space with creatures, and with that comes respect and support. We are habitat creators 🙂 the structural stability of this region is more in harmony with those that farm it than is often said.

Animal Welfare

If you like meat but want to make sure animals are treated well, then look around Radnorshire. Local farmers care about their animals and make sure they are looked after. The slow farming technique which is interwoven into the pracrices of local sheep farmers has its roots in the traditional, sustainable community driven farming. It is known that the lamb and mutton produced here tastes better largely due to the nearly wild conditions. I’m braced for opposing views, and understand the contradiction. But at a time where food security is a big question we feel it would be sensible to put more faith in those who have been doing it for years, on the ground and slow grown red meat is really some of the best there is.

Local Markets

The old market town of Builth Wells, just 4-miles from the campsite, has a couple of great butchers and a proper veg shop. Find seasonal offerings and locally sourced meat and veg.

Morgan’s Builth

Bujovk Builth Market

Root Cellar

Veg market

Builth still retains its market feel with a high street lined with independent shops, cafes and pubs. There is parking in the Groe, or in the market and often spaces on the high street. Or you can walk to it, we’ll share details shortly.

There is also a regular Saturday Market at Hay on Wye, which includes the bountiful offering from Herefordshire and more bakers, and sweet treat makers.

All over Herefordshire you can find Fruit, Vegetable and Beer makers, the trade between our valuable meat and the fertile pasturelands of Herefordshire has been happening for centuries. Some say Hereford is just on loan and is rightfully ‘ours’ 😉

Small Businesses

When you buy from local farmers in Radnorshire, you help small businesses and families in the area. Your support keeps these businesses running and benefits the whole community. We are proud to welcome visitors into the area and your support here is appreciated. Please eat out locally, enjoy the hospitality and get to know the ones who buy their meat from the region, it shows!

Fresh and Seasonal

As with everywhere we have become accustomed to all-year supplies of fruit and veg grown across the world. It shocks me sometimes when I notice the distance it has travelled! In Radnorshire, we often follow the seasons for the freshest food. We are big on soups and chunky bread. We keep chickens for eggs and grow courgettes, cucumbers and the likes in a greenhouse. It makes sense to buy local, and to grow what you can.

If you’ve not tried Cawl we’ll be selling it in the campsite kitchen next season. We think you’ll love it for warming up of quickly filling hungry tummies.

We take pride in our farming traditions and think that the local way of life is an important factor in why so many of you love spending time here. Please help support the local economy by buying as local as possible during your stay. If you can…. or want to 😂 obvs.

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