Fforest Fields
Radnorshire, cymru

Wash Outs & Stormy Weather

Have you seen a bad forecast?

Locals would have you believe that these Radnorshire hills have a sunny disposition. We often get forecasts that misrepresent what it’s like here on the ground! We’ve had people cancelling weekends in droves, only to find the sun shines and the few that braved it are treated to a perfect time away!

That said, this is a rural spot and we can get pounded by big storms and persistent rain. We get why that puts people off.

If you are thinking of cancelling a few days before your stay due to a foreboding forecast remember this:

  • We do understand it’s disappointing, but it doesn’t mean you wouldn’t have a good time here. Rain and wind definitely make things harder, but there is also a thrill in it! Pack your books, raincoat and plenty of socks and give it a go
  • Sometimes we do get very serious storms here in the winter, and you need to be able to judge for yourself if the weather is too much for your set up. Most summer storms are brief, but it can be quite gusty here so keep that in mind
  • If a very serious winter storm is forecast we will of course look at moving your booking on if you are approaching your arrival day with worry
  • Deposits are always non-refundable, take a look at our T&Cs below to see our refund policy

Further to that;

  • We have underfloor heating in our shower-block, a well loved drying room
  • We’ve spent many years working on these camping fields, because of that it dries surprisingly quickly. We don’t get issues with flooding but sometimes some standing water can remain for a time in a few places. We only use hard pads though the muddier, wetter months of winter
  • Swimming in the rain is one of life’s great pleasures
  • The forecasters often get it wrong

Late cancellations due to the forecast

  • Please contact us to cancel, please see our T&Cs at our cut off points. We are a small business and we have to draw a line at some point because we often get a flurry of cancellations coming up to a wet few days. We do live in a beautiful part of the country, the source of many streams that flow down to the Wye and it does rain here, sometimes even in July and August!
  • We understand that every situation is different, we are a family business and we know that sometimes things can happen or circumstances need to be explained. Please feel you can contact the office to chat to one of the team.

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