Fforest Fields
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Fforest Fields 2024

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We hope you are full of anticipation for your next getaway to the beautiful hills of Radnorshire. We have some changes in store for 2024, aimed at enhancing your experience and ensuring your stay with us is nothing short of magical.

Smaller Groups for the benefit of all

Starting in 2024, we are restricting group sizes to no more than three units together on the campsite. We understand that Fforest Fields holds a special place in the holiday calendar for so many people, and we want to preserve the relaxing, intimate atmosphere that makes our site unique. By limiting group sizes, we aim to create a more peaceful environment where everyone can enjoy the the Radnorshire hills without disturbance. We believe this change will be good for us all.

A Return to 30% Deposit

In response to the uncertainty brought about by lockdowns in 2020/1 , we reduced our deposit to £20 to make it easier for you to book and for us to rearrange bookings if needs be. However, in 2024, we’re returning to our previous 30% deposit policy. This adjustment will allow us to continue our essential site and farm improvements during the winter and spring months, so its in top-notch condition for your arrival.

Set Arrival Days in July and August
Arrive on Monday or Friday, and stay for 3, 4, or 7+ nights

Beginning in July and continuing through August, we’re introducing a new check-in system. We will now only accept reservations for three, four, or seven-night+ stays on specific arrival days. This change is designed to streamline our operations, allowing us to dedicate more time and energy to making your stay exceptional. On non-arrival days, you can look forward to a quieter and more relaxing atmosphere, perfect for unwinding and taking in the natural beauty that surrounds us. We understand that this adjustment may not suit everyone, but we hope you’ll appreciate the benefits it brings.

At Fforest Fields, we are committed to ensuring your stay is just right. We believe that these changes will contribute to a more harmonious and enjoyable experience for us all.

We hope you’ll embrace these changes with the same warmth and enthusiasm that you’ve shown us over the years. Your feedback and support have been invaluable in shaping Fforest Fields into the place it is today, and we are excited for what’s to come.

Only Green Loo Fluid in Cassettes

For those that know and use cassettes in their vans, please note that we only allow GREEN fluid on site. This decision is being made for a number of reasons, including the fact it’s just kinder for the planet!

Here’s to another year of adventure, relaxation, and the magic of Fforest Fields!

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