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Fforest Fields With Wifi Campiste

We understand that we live in this modern, connected world and believe that great WiFi access is now more than just a luxury. So we’ve just installed a brand new system that will give you campsite wide coverage.

Last year we saw a survey that picked out the top desired ‘comforts’ on holiday. The number one response was ‘a good view’, tick – yup we can do that. The second on the list was ‘WiFi access’. Yes, WiFi. If you think about it, it’s understandable; now so much of our lives work around the mobile portal we have to the internet and while we advocate ‘disconnecting’ at Fforest Fields, enjoying the outdoors and scenery, we truly do appreciate that internet access is an important part of modern life.

Wifi at Fforest Fields Caravan & Camping Site

While George and I were on holiday earlier in the year we travelled place to place and realised the importance of a good WiFi connection. It helped us contact the family, plan our next stops, find out about the local area even look at opening times of local shops and attractions. Life with WiFi was quite simply easier and while we are not against roughing it, we wanted to enjoy everything around us and being ‘connected’ enabled us to do that.

The day after we got back we made the call to improve the onsite Wifi on the campsite. So we’ve invested in a proper system with Silver Lining Networks, which was installed today and works a treat!  It allows you to access what you need to, to find out about the locality, keep your social sites updated or even to do some of the work you need to do so that you can rest easy the remainder of the time. In true Fforest Fields style, it is also free to use – of course!

Holiday making at Fforest Fields has never been so easy 😉

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SilverLinings Darrell Marc

Wifi expertly installed by Darrell & Marc from Silver Lining Networks!

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