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The latest stories from the Wales section of the BBC News web site.
  1. Transport industry on board with Metro

    Transport industry experts are ready to get on board with a £600m road and rail Metro project for south Wales, the first minister says.
  2. 'No signal on 750 miles of roads'

    More than 750 miles of road in parts of north and mid Wales have no mobile phone signal, meaning drivers cannot call for help, a report finds.
  3. Organ donor law change 'not enough'

    Wales will need to do more than change the law to increase organ donations, one of the world's leading transplant experts says.
  4. Cost of 'paupers' funerals' rising

    The cost to local councils of so-called "paupers' funerals" has risen by almost 30% - so why are they footing the bill for more and more of the ceremonies?
  5. Driver killed in motorway crash

    A man dies in a crash on the M48 in Monmouthshire.
  6. Warning over heavy persistent rain

    Heavy and persistent rain is expected to hit most parts of Wales bringing the risk of localised flooding, forecasters warn.
  7. BBC Wales Sports Personality voting details

    How to vote for your choice for BBC Cymru Wales Sports Personality of the Year 2015 in the 61st year of the award.
  8. Police force's £560k unused mobile bill

    A police force spends £560,000 for a mobile phone service over two years which was never used before the mistake was spotted.
  9. Broadcaster Sian Pari Huws dies, 55

    One of BBC Wales' best known radio and television voices, Sian Pari Huws, dies from cancer, aged 55.
  10. Kinnock wants 'free vote' over Syria

    The Labour Party leader should allow a free vote on UK military action in Syria, says one of the party's newest Welsh MPs, Stephen Kinnock.
  11. Student uni funding 'unsustainable'

    The body representing universities in Wales says the way Welsh students are funded is unsustainable.
  12. Watershed call for TV junk food ads

    Television adverts promoting food which is high in fat, salt and sugar should be banned until after the 21:00 watershed, Wales' health minister says.