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We often describe the region as feeling very ancient, looking across the valley from the top of the hill behind the campsite you can see old stone cottages, evidence of Roman and Iron Age land works and even volcanic activity.  The Ordovices, a Celtic tribe, lived here and were invaded and conquered by the Romans during the 1st century.  Since then the area has continued to develop its rich herritage, as a home for the Britons, an area contested by the Welsh princes of Powys and Brecheiniog and later the Normans.  More recetly the area was harnessed by the Victorians, who developed tourism in the area with numerous spa towns and who used the regions geography to develop abitious projects such as the Elan Valley Dams.

Here are some of the intersting, historic places to visit in mid Wales:

Abbey Cwm Hir

Castell Tinboeth

Hay Castle

National Cycle Collection

Judge’s Lodging 

Clun Castle


The Elan Valley

Strata Florida Abbey

Blaenavon Ironworks