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Paragliding at Fforest Fields

dragon logoParagliding is flying free - well almost! Once you have achieved your club pilot rating what better place to fly than from Fforest Fields?

The uncrowded flying sites in this part of Wales make for relaxing flying for experienced and inexperienced flyers alike. Tremendous XC distances can be set by distance jockeys or simple soaring in the gentle breezes above the campsite.

Paraglider friendly

Fforest Fields is very paraglider friendly with plenty of landing fields right next to the campsite so you can soar until dusk and fly down to your barbie. The north facing ridge above the campsite takes winds from NE round to NW. There are flying sites from 800 ft to 2000 ft facing all wind directions. Having run our own school we are able to help with all aspects of your flying from weather reports, local flying conditions and Notams to site evaluations. We even have kit to sell!

Easy access

Access to the Fforest Farm launch site is easy, as it is to all the sites registered to Paramania. Our local club the friendly Welsh Borders Paragliding Club use all our sites and a temporary or annual membership gives you access to them all. They frequently stay on our campsite and party into the night, new members are always welcome and they run a full programme of events during the season ending with the infamous Dragon Bash at Christmas.

Learning to paraglide

If you want to learn to paraglide please contact Steve Griffiths at Mid Wales Paragliding Centre, telephone 01970 871145 or via e-mail, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can visit his web site on www.mwpgc.co.uk.


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