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Explore Mid Wales

Mid Wales is an area of incredible natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage. We believe mid-Wales is a destination for all seasons. There are events, festivals, fabulous local towns and fine Welsh pubs sat in a landscape. There are dozens of characterful local towns in mid Wales to explore, with beautiful drives in between that take you up over mountain passes and through luscious river valleys.

Scroll through the articles to discover more about mid Wales or you can take a look at things to do, including an array of activities for children.  There are also lots of places to eat, including proper village pubs and restaurants serving locally sourced produce.  We are proud of our cultural heritage and farming community comes together for a number of events across the year, alongside large-scale events such as The Royal Welsh Show, The Hay Literary Festival and The Green Man Festival there are numerous smaller events and attractions that immerse you in this wonderful landscape.