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Long Stay / All Weather Pitches

Flat campsite pitches
A long stay / All Weather pitch

Long Stay Pitches are specifically designed for tents (although small campers and caravans are welcome to use them when they are not being camped on!) We undertook quite a lot of research into the best surface to use before we plumped for the particular one we have chosen.

camping in wales
A tent on a long stay pitch

The pitches are cut out from the grass, about 5 inches deep. They are then covered with a matting called Terram which allows the ground to drain, prevents weeds growing through and also, more importantly, stops the small stones working down into the soil. We used gravel to fill the holes then topped the pitch off with some lovely, smooth pea-gravel so it won’t puncture sewn-in groundsheets. It is comfortable to walk on and you can use normal pegs. If you are booked onto an LSP you are most welcome to bring a footprint or tarpaulin to go under the tent, or carpets to go inside. You still step out onto grass!

There are many aspects that are good about them It means that we can have tents to stay as long as they want without having to move, this is in response to the growing size of tents and the natural reluctance of their owners to move them once they are in place! Small tents will still be fine on grass, as long as you move them after about five or six days.

They give us so much more flexibility and people who have used them have been very enthusiastic about them and grateful that they have been put on one, especially when it rains!