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Book Ffynonnau Holiday Cottage

Please be aware that we are changing to a new booking system and we have less availability than mentioned on the calendar below.  If you have any questions please contact Natalie at Natalie@fforestfields.co.uk

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Book your stay in our wonderful holiday cottage Ffynonnau.  We take 50% deposit within 7 days of your booking, and then the final amount a month before you come and stay here in the Welsh hills.  If you are a last minute booking, then we’ll ask for all the money when you book.  Simple.

We will respond to your booking personally, so please give us a little time.  If you haven’t heard back from us in 24hrs then do get in touch!

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Ffynonnau Cottage Prices 2017/8

Dates Weekend / Mid Week) Weekly
6th January – 10th February £250 £350
10th February – 24th February £350 £400
24th February – 31st March £250 £350
31st March – 26th May £400 £500
26th May – 2nd June £600 £700
2nd June – 14th July £400 £500
14th July – 1st September £600 £750
1st September – 15th September £400 £500
15th September – 20th October £300 £400
20th October – 27th October £500 £600
27th October – 22nd December £250 £350
22nd December – 5th January 2018 £600 £750