The Wet Winter Blues!

Gosh what a long winter this is! Although last year we had snow for a month or so, the wet this year is really making it drag on and on.  Luckily we don’t get floods, I’m afraid that we send them down-country but we do get absolutely sodden fields that make it impossible to do anything without leaving a mess.

We are on thick, gooey clay here, perfect for making bricks but not so good for digging holes!  In fact the building at the entrance to the site used to be a brick works and was known as the brick yard for many years. A lot of the local houses were made out of them.  Our task for this winter is to put in the new sewerage system for the site, it’s not been easy!  The boys have managed to dig all the pipework in but not excavate the huge hole that is required for the ‘workings’.  On the plus side and extraoardinarily there is one, in spite of the grey days, the days are getting longer and the grass is looking green and it won’t be too long before that new mower is being fired up!

Digging pipes in!


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