Plans and changes for 2013-2014

Children's picture of Fforest Fields

After all the work that we did on the campsite last winter we are having a bit of a ‘consolidation’ this year! At the moment George and Will are busy extending and improving the shed at the back that housed the bins last year.

It has the electricity shed next to it so they are going to cover that and then extend the whole shed to incorporate an area for the mowers, a store for the logs and a new chemical disposal point.

They have taken away most of the bank and some of the trees, this has opened up the pitch behind too and given it more light. The new building will have the same cladding as the new loo block and be more in keeping!

They plan to put in a few more all weather pitches too and extend some of the ones that are there already.

You will only be able to use Green Elsan in the new chemical disposal point as it is going to empty straight into the present campsite sewage system. We hope to encourage everyone to use the new organic fluid, in keeping with our ethos of encouraging environmentally friendly systems and will be stocking it in the shop.

We are loath to put too many all weather pitches in but after last year, when they were an absolutely God-send for campers and campsite owners alike, we have identified a few areas that would benefit from them and make it possible to put more friends together.

We would also like to put some in the Sports field to allow motor homes and campers to park in there but that might have to wait until next year.

Susie is busy painting the doors and windows of the new block, we all long to do the centre piece but I’m not certain it will be completed this year. Once we start having visitors back on the site it is much more difficult to work with big machinery, although the children love the digger and tractors.

We all have our ffingers tighly crossed that the seasib is going to be dryer this year but at least with the new facility, the wonderful drying room and the all weather pitches we are doing our best to make it possible for you to stay at Fforest Fields whatever the weather throws at us!

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