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Blue Bells at Fforest Fields

We always knew that last weekend had the potential to be quite busy but we were delighted with what went on at Fforest Fields and how it all just ‘worked’

We had already got a Mountain Bike event, booked from last year, planned and also the Avondale Rally, in addition Will and Natalie had got Martin Cowley running a butchery weekend. Calling it a butchery weekend does not really do justice to what he does, mind you!

And then, a lovely forecast! Something that we obviously never dare plan for and so it was a bonus that we had so many visiting to enjoy the site and the walking as well. What a lot they had to look at!

The MTB racing was part of the Welsh Series of XC races, organised by the Welsh Cycling Federation; they have held them here before and seem to love the challenge of hauling up our hill, in fact we have the tag of being the Most Feet Climbed, about 1,500 mts a lap.  The Elite did a lap in 17 minutes!  There were races for all ages and even one for the under 8’s, no they didn’t do the climb, although you felt they were up for it!  The next MTB event we have is the Daisy Chain on the 11th May. Designed and run just for women. No competition and plenty of fun and don’t worry you won’t have to do those climbs!

Martin’s butchery weekends are spectacular! As he also does re-enactments they wear authentic clothing from about the time of the Napoleonic Wars. There is long sword fighting, archery and of course the butchery.  Using deer they learn to make and use every part of the beast and then are able to have a feast of venison and sausages that night.

We have had two very successful Rallies in the last couple of weeks. The Avondale group has been to us before and are always welcome. We normally say that we are able to offer peace and quiet but they had quite a different scene going on in front of them yesterday!  I believe that some tasted the venison sausages (which, although delicious, are nothing compared to Will’s pork ones!)

We are always happy to have rallies, the Sports or Big Field is an ideal venue. We run them out of the busy season, at all times except over bank and school holidays.  If you are a member of a group, whether they be caravaners or perhaps car or motor bike enthusiasts and feel you would like a get-together in a very special place, please give me a call and we can discuss your requirements.

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