Easter Caravan & Camping

Spring at Fforest Fields

The telepone and computer have been buzzing over the last few days with the predicted forecast for the weather over Easter.  We do have snow, not much now, but it’s not going away either, at the moment.  All the roads to the campsite are clear (in the local area) and the road up to and onto the site is also.

We have had some cancellations and we have called visitors who were booked in with tents just to ask if they are sure they want to come.  Actually, most of the carvanners and motor homers are still coming but I think we now only have two hardy and stoic tenters.

We’ve also had people booking!

The new facilities are toasty and the drying room proving to be an asset to the visitors who are already with us. They report that the walking is as lovely as ever, the tops of the hills are covered in snow but the pony paths are pretty clear and the paths through the woods are fine, so you and your dogs are going to be just as well walked as ever! I don’t think we shall have many swimming though. The lakes aren’t frozen today but with the forecast saying it is going to be cold I can imagine that they will be. Please be very careful when you walk dogs or children near them not to let them go near them, the ice won’t be thick.

Please remember that you can call me at any time, if the answerphone kicks in just leave me your telephone number (twice!) and I will call back with the latest updates on the weather and conditions.

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