Bank holiday weekend, 24th-27th May 2013

View across the valley Fforest Fields

We do things slightly differently at Fforest Fields, trying to keep the old fashioned type camping and caravanning that we remember as children but with spot-on facilities!

We are now up to our numbers for next weekend. Some of you might wonder why I don’t just say we are ‘full’, that’s because we’re not!  On busy weekends, bank holidays or in August, we work on the number of people we feel the site will accommodate without feeling too full; this means that if you are visiting us next weekend you will see empty pitches.

This also means, for us, that we have more flexibility getting friends together and we are able to rest pitches that need a break ( even pitches need a holiday 😉  )

For you it means that you won’t visit Fforest Fields and find we are overcrowded, that there are long queues for the showers or that children have an excuse to play football round your tent! There is room for all.

Please can I just also remind all dog owners that we ask that dogs are on lead at all times on the site.  There is masses of walking on the farm and the hills and you are welcome to let them off the lead then but on site equals on lead.

This is particularly important just after you arrive, when you are setting up, your dog wanders off, relieves himself in a quite corner and you are none the wiser.

If you leave the dog in your car while you are setting up, please make sure he can’t jump out!

We now have our ffingers crossed for the weather and we are looking forward to welcoming you all to Fforest Fields for a sunny and relaxing bank holiday!

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