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We hope you are Looking forward to your next getaway to the beautiful hills of Radnorshire. We have some changes in store for 2024, aimed at making surE  your time here is magical!

Smaller Groups for the benefit of all

Starting in 2024, we are restricting group sizes to no more than three units together on the campsite. We understand that Fforest Fields holds a special place in the holiday calendar for so many people, and we want to preserve the relaxing, intimate atmosphere that makes our site unique. By limiting group sizes, we aim to create a more peaceful environment where everyone can enjoy the the Radnorshire hills without disturbance. We believe this change will be good for us all.

We will have a little flexibility on the group sizes for longstanding visitors who have been coming for years with more that 3 units. If you feel your group falls into this category then please get in touch. We may not always be able to say yes.

A Return to 30% Deposit

In response to the uncertainty brought about by lockdowns in 2020/1 , we reduced our deposit to £20 to make it easier for you to book and for us to rearrange bookings if needs be. However, in 2024, we’re returning to our previous 30% deposit policy. This adjustment will allow us to continue our essential site and farm improvements during the winter and spring months, so its in top-notch condition for your arrival.

Set Arrival/Departure Days in July and August
Arrive or leave on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays or Saturdays

Beginning in July and continuing through August, we’re introducing a new check-in system. This change is designed to streamline our operations, allowing us to dedicate more time and energy to making your stay one to remember. On non-arrival days, you can look forward to a quieter and more relaxing atmosphere, perfect for unwinding and taking in the natural beauty that surrounds us. We understand that this adjustment may not suit everyone, but we hope you’ll appreciate the benefits it brings.

At Fforest Fields, we are committed to ensuring your stay is just right. We believe that these changes will contribute to a more harmonious and enjoyable experience for us all.

We hope you’ll embrace these changes with the same warmth and enthusiasm that you’ve shown us over the years. Your feedback and support have been invaluable in shaping Fforest Fields into the place it is today, and we are excited for what’s to come.


We have altered our terms so that we take the final payment a month before you stay, rather than 2-weeks.  This will ease administration and give us more of a chance to let you know about cancellations should you be on a waiting list.  If you have to cancel at late notice please get in touch with our team, if we can help we will :)


Only Green Loo Fluid in Cassettes

For those that know and use cassettes in their vans, please note that we only allow GREEN fluid on site. This decision is being made for a number of reasons, including the fact it’s just kinder for the planet!

Here’s to another year of adventure, relaxation, and the magic of Fforest Fields!

Enjoy the little things because one day you'll look back and realise they were the big things.

Stopping, or even just pausing for a moment, in the fresh air with the sun or stars or clouds racing above you, can make you feel briefly whole again. Walking in the woods, jumping in the lake or roasting marshmallows on an open fire will give you much needed space away from all the noise. We see the positive impact that time spent here has on people young and old.  

We ask that you respect what we are trying to do here, and follow some really simple rules:

  • No noise on site after 11pm. Sleep is very important to us all. Please also try to keep noise low before 7.30am. During the summer remember that parents will be trying their best to distract or extract their little darlings, but they may wake earlier.

  • Please do not disturb other people’s holidays by playing music or walking too close to their pitch - remember we all have our reasons for needing to get away, please be overly considerate and fabulously thoughtful

  • Clear up after yourselves, recycle what you can, leave the lightest footprint

  • Talk to us if you have any problems, we will do our very best to help make sure there is balance on the site

  • In 2024 we will not be allowing groups of more than 3 pitches to form on the site.  This is for a number of reasons.  If you are found to be trying to subvert that (I'm sure you wouldn't!) then we may well ask you to leave.  We have to try this no groups thing out, because in all honesty managing a naughty group is exhausting!  We're sorry it has impacted on all the wonderful groups we've had over time staying here.

  • Enjoy everything we have on offer here, shake off those worries, see the lighter side of life and get some rest

Antagonistic, rude or unfriendly behaviour on site

  • Very occasionally we’ll get a troublesome group or visitor, we will always try and guide people towards fitting into the community and creating a harmonious atmosphere on site but there are clashes from time to time. In our 30 year history we have only asked a handful of visitors to leave early due to disruption and it has only ever been after a conversation and a number of ‘chances’ but we will ask you to leave if you don’t want to listen to our concerns.

  • We understand that you are on holiday and want to help you have the best stay possible but our duty is to the campsite as a whole and we need to be firm and fair if there is any unwarranted disruption.

  • We will also refuse future bookings based on previous behaviour on site, rudeness to our staff or disregard for the community here at Fforest Fields.

Fforest Community Rules