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TV Reception

TV reception at Fforest Fields is patchy. The local digital signal is weak because the transmitter is the other side of a hill. A good high gain directional antenna (aerial) coupled with a booster improves things.

There are three options for getting a signal: Digital, Analogue or Satellite.


Tips for getting digital signals

directional antenna

A directional antenna costs (about £20) and when pointed at the transmitter improves the signal considerably. The high gain comes from the fact that the antenna is focused precisely on the transmitter's output.

extendable poles

Some extendable poles (about £20) to get the antenna as high as possible... and some brackets to fix the pole to caravan or jockey wheel.

signal booster

A signal booster( amplifier) which costs (about £20) is a great help too.

check the co-ax cable

And it's a qood idea to check the co-ax cable is in good condition and the connectors are not corroded.


Status type aerials are little or no use at Fforest Fields


Tips for getting an analogue signal at Fforest Fields

As above use a directional high gain aerial and point it at our campsite repeater in the centre of the campsite.

Set the dipoles horizontally.

Tune your TV to "Analogue". Normally this is an option in the tuning menu using your remote.

Our repeater equipment picks up signal from the satellite and transforms the signal to analogue for rebroadcast around the campsite. We re-broadcast six channels only as each channel requires its own gizmo and they were expensive.

With good antenna the picture quality is adequate but not excellent.


Probably the best solution...

A bit more outlay but less bother normally. Needs a clear line of sight to the satellite without trees in the way so a movable antenna (dish) is easier.

You need:

Satellite Dish

A dish (about £50).

Satellite Dish Stand

And a stand (about £25).

satellite finder

And a satellite finder (about £10).


And a decoder (about £50).


Or... a TV with a decoder inside (about £300).

Once you know what you're doing it doesn't take much time apparently!


Or... For lots of money (approx £700) you can treat yourself to an automatic system which does it all for you.

Sadly none of the above improves the programmes so it's a wise idea to bring a good book or two!


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