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Comments from customers to David Bellamy

Don't just take our word for it. These are some of the comments made to David Bellamy about our site.

  • An environment designed and developed to encourage wildlife, lots of trees and parts undeveloped and not mown"
  • "On this our first (but not last) visit it is evident the sites proprietors are VERY environmentally friendly. They are encouraging the presence of rare birds species in an ideal rural setting and conditions."
  • "Perfect site !"
  • "This park is a gentle quiet place, not excessively mown, with plenty of wildlife pockets coexisting happily with excellent facilities. New this year are recycling facilities. The park is always tidy, litter free and sensitively maintained."
  • "During my 35 years experience as a caravanner/camper I have NEVER seen in Western Europe a camping site more concerned with the environment and wildlife as Fforest Fields. We enjoyed our stay and hope to come back." (Dutch Visitors)
  • "Plenty of small areas of natural habitat have been left at around the campsite"
  • "This site gives you the chance to sit and watch wildlife at its best. BRILLIANT ! "
  • ".....nothing jars........we will definitely be back "
  • "Still improving the groups of plants and greenery around the camping area, encouraging birds and various wildlife along with the farming environment."
  • "Undisturbed, beautiful scenery, toilets and shower block very clean as was the rest of the park. We really enjoyed our stay."
  • "Also there is so much information on big notice boards and on small plaques along the walks telling about the wildlife."
  • "Segregated refuse (rare on British sites) Wildlife friendly. Sensibly maintained."
  • "Commercially restrained."
  • "I haven't seen so many birds for a long time."
  • "The owner and family are delighted to tell you where the wildlife is. Absolutely fabulous site !"
  • "A very clean site with planted trees and wild areas. Excellent bird-life and info board for bird watchers too. Also careful attention to recycling."
  • "A very clean site with a good are for rubbish disposal which itself is very tidy."
  • "An environmental gem !"
  • "There were bins for glass, cans and paper. The site is also spacious, it is the best I've ever stayed on."
  • "Bird boxes, blue tits in the washroom, everything recycled, concern over energy conservation and generally unspoilt. Full of bird life."
  • "Lots of trees, plants, un-mown areas, dead tree stumps, ponds, streams, hedges, plenty of bird life."
  • "This our first visit. It is really a treat to be able to see the birds so close up."
  • The whole site is extremely clean and rubbish free, blending in well with the local scenery. If no tents and caravans were on site you would no know that it was one as the landscape is totally unspoilt."
  • "A superb place to stay for nature lovers as well as the site itself and the management ! Also based on trust and honesty - so refreshing it's still possible these days." (Belgium visitors)
  • "This is the best environmentally friendly park I have been on. Only time and maturity will improve it."
  • "This is NOT a blot on the landscape! Safe havens for all wildlife are blended into the park. No commercialisation spoils this site."
  • "There are very few improvements which are obvious. The park is part of a farm which the owner encourages campers to use for recreation. This includes extensive woodland and moorland where curlews lapwings and skylarks are present. Many bird species are also present on the park including reed bunting, garden warbler, willow warbler and blackcap."
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