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The latest stories from the Wales section of the BBC News web site.
The latest stories from the Wales section of the BBC News web site.
  1. Unemployment total falls by 6,000

    Unemployment has fallen in Wales by 6,000 to 102,000 in the last quarter and now stands at 6.8%, according to official figures.
  2. Man 'would probably have survived'

    A businessman who died after complications following a cancer operation "would probably have survived" if he was re-operated on sooner, an inquest hears.
  3. Recycling fire treated as arson

    A blaze at a recycling site on the outskirts of Cardiff is being treated as arson, say police.
  4. Abuse of steroid drug service denied

    Claims that steroid dealers are using government-funded drug testing as guidance for which drugs to take are denied.
  5. Government buys £12.3m business park

    The Welsh government has bought a major business park near Bridgend in its bid to "attract new business and new jobs".
  6. Tourism in Wales from the UK rises

    Numbers of tourists visiting Wales from the rest of the UK is up, despite a dip in the number travelling in the UK as a whole.
  7. Archbishop's warning over foodbanks

    The Archbishop of Wales urges the UK government to tackle a national hunger crisis as figures show a big rise in numbers using foodbanks.
  8. Dementia services 'not sustainable'

    Dementia services across Wales are not sustainable and changes need to be made to cope with future demand, a review finds.
  9. Language group chiefs step down

    The chief executive and chair of one of Wales' oldest Welsh-language support groups step down from their posts.
  10. Sailors cleared in boat crash trial

    Two sailors whose boats collided while they were carrying schoolgirls at night, leaving one brain damaged, are cleared of speeding and failing to keep a proper look-out.
  11. £68m road's safety and tourism boost

    A new £68m five-mile road opens to tackle a notorious transport bottleneck and accident blackspot in west Wales.
  12. Post-op bleeding 'spotted too late'

    A businessman had little chance of surviving complications following a cancer operation, an inquest is told.

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